Personal Training

Nothing in life is easy; work hard and it will happen. Love yourself on the inside and you will shine on the outside. Now let's hit the gym!
I specialize in three areas: Weight loss, toning and competition training. I provide one-on-one training sessions that are designed to fit your goals and body type. Along with your training session, I also evaluate your daily eating habits to help guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

One-on-One Training Sessions:Before each session, I stretch ALL my clients and show them the proper ways of stretching to avoid injury and promote muscle growth. I meet with most clients twice a week and I break their routine into two groups: upper body and lower body. Day one focuses on all upper body exercises while day two works the entire lower body. The key is to allow the body enough time to recuperate between workouts so that you get the most from each training session.

Goals:Your goals are my goals. If you want it, I want it even more. My job is to motivate you and keep you positive ... it's what I do.

Diet: Keep in mind that I'm not a dietitian, but I will share with you my experience of how eating healthfully has enhanced my career as a pro-figure competitor. There are many ways to go about it. Make an early commitment to yourself and I will guide you to a prolonged, healthier lifestyle. I know that everyone isn't as motivated as I am ... especially when I'm preparing for a competition.

My Clients:

"Yvonne was beyond what I imagined her to be. Not only did she help me from a physical standpoint, but also from a mental standpoint. She was always encouraging me and never failed to recognize the subtle physical changes I was making to my body - even the ones I hardly recognized. Yvonne guided me on nutrition, strength training, and posing, but more importantly she guided me towards an "inner self" that I never knew existed. She brought the hard work know-how and I brought the desire. Together, we created quite the transformation!"

~ Nicki Bolz

One-hour session: $40 Half-hour session: $25
A typical workout is one hour; half-hour appointments are also available. Training sessions may be held at any Scott Fitness location.

My Clients:

"I started training with Yvonne in personal one-on-one sessions about a year ago, and the difference it made in the shape of my body was almost immediate. I had worked with other trainers before, but it was Yvonne's method and attention that actually started to re-shape my body. She takes the time to really listen to you about your problem areas, and builds workouts that address each of your concerns. Each training feels new and different; it never gets old! I know I'm my toughest body critic, and Yvonne is amazing about not only helping me to exercise harder and eat better, but she is also the kind of trainer who doesn't let you get down on yourself. She promotes all of your progress and existing attributes. She is a gem, and I know I feel lucky to have her on my team. I constantly recommend her to everyone!"

~ Courtney Fadler